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In the fall of 2011, I returned to Maui after a twenty-four year absence. In the late 1980s I lived on the south shore in Kihei, and in 1990 went with a vegan group from the island to Washington, D.C. for the first "March for the Animals". My lady friend and I carried the banner for the State of Hawaii down Pennsylvania Avenue to the steps of the Capitol for the rally. I intended to return to Maui, but after reading A Diet for a New America by John Robbins, heir to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Company, I became a volunteer at his non-profit education foundation EarthSave in Santa Cruz, California.

Now that I am back on Maui find the new development considerable, but only in certain parts of the island. Haiku on the North Shore where I have chosen to live appears for the most part to be unchanged. I had not lived on this side of the island before and only went there at night for parties, so I really didn’t know it. Haiku was a pineapple growing region, but since the canneries closed they have been converted into shops and restaurants.

Haiku has been a new experience for me because I had never lived anywhere as rural as this before without streetlights. I enjoy exploring my new home and until I learned my way around, I admit I may have inconvenienced other motorists. To my delight, however, they did not make the usual finger gesture, but waited patiently for me to complete my maneuver and then a wave or a smile as I drove off. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had made the right decision to return to Maui and to live on the more peaceful side of the island.

I must say that the North Shore is cooler and windier is cooler than I would prefer, but otherwise it would not be the wind surfing capitol of the world. I find it quite amazing to live just off the Hana Highway, the road to the famous honeymoon destination of lush tropical rainforest abounding in natural wonders. Haiku is considered the spiritual heart of Maui, offering continuous spiritual activities and retreats. Several prominent spiritual leaders make it their home including the celebrated Ram Dass and the author Alan Cohen.

As I began to socialize, I learned that many people including myself had come to Maui for healing, which the island offers both from its natural beauty and from its spiritually-minded people. Although, I am not good with water sports, I do enjoy the beach and hiking. It is a simple matter for me to take a short drive to the Twin Falls trail and take an afternoon hike to a beautiful waterfall. I enjoy the tropical fruits and flowers which are plentiful and of the most unusual varieties.

Since being on Maui, I have embarked upon an ambitious internet marketing campaign to reveal the channelled writings of the Washington, D.C., lawyer James E. Padgett. I discovered his spirit communications in 1982, while living in Santa Cruz and ever since their teachings have been my spiritual path. Because of Padgett’s circumstances he chose to keep his mediumship private to protect his reputation and law career. This is why his writings are little known and the reason you have not heard of him before.

I believe that his work is worthy of consideration, and I now have seven websites that reveal the various spiritual aspects of the teachings contained in Padgett’s work. If spirituality is of interest to you, then I invite you to read the story of my quest to find the knowledge that I had searched for so long.

Alan Ross